Complaints under this Grievance Procedure must be filed within 30 school days of occurrence of the alleged event. The complaint must be in writing. The Director or any person of the grievant choosing may assist the grievant with filing the complaint. The written complaint must include the following information:

  1. The name and school (or address and telephone number if not a student or employee) of the grievant (complainant).
  2. The name (and address and telephone number if not a student or employee) of the grievant representative, if any.
  3. The name of the person(s) alleged to have caused the discrimination or harassment (respondent).
  4. A description, in as much detail as possible, of the alleged discrimination or harassment.
  5. The date(s) of the alleged discrimination or harassment.
  6. The name of all persons who have knowledge about the alleged discrimination or harassment (witnesses), as can be reasonably determined.
  7. A description, in as much detail as possible, of how the grievant wants the complaint to be resolved.

Grievance – Where to File a Complaint

Individuals who believe they have been subjected to harassment under this policy may file a complaint with the Director or the Dean of Students. If the Director is the person who is alleged to have caused the harassment, the complaint may be filed with the Board. Under these circumstances, a representative of the Board will conduct the investigation as outlined below.

Grievance – Investigation and Resolution of the Complaint

Respondents will be informed of the charges as soon as the Director deems appropriate based upon the nature of the allegations, the investigation required, and the action contemplated.

The Director will interview witnesses whom they deem necessary and appropriate to determine the facts relevant to the complaint, and will gather other relevant information. The Director will make every effort to complete such interviews and gathering of information within fifteen (15) school days of receiving the written complaint.

After completing the investigation, the Director will meet with the grievant and/or their representative to review the information gathered and, if applicable, to propose a resolution designed to stop the discrimination or harassment and to correct its effect.

Notwithstanding the above, it is understood that in the event a resolution contemplated by the School involves disciplinary action against an employee or a student, the complainant will not be informed of such disciplinary action, unless it directly involves the complainant (i.e., a directive to “stay away” from the complainant, as might occur as a result of a complaint of harassment).


The School will not tolerate retaliation in any way against individuals who report instances of violations of this Policy, who provide information related to violations of this Policy, or who otherwise assist with the reporting of or investigation of violations of this Policy. Acts of retaliation may result in disciplinary action, up to and including suspension or expulsion.