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Are you ready to work in a fast-paced, high-energy environment while working to shape future generations of students? SunBridge Schools is looking for both talented teachers, aids and staff to build an up-and-coming charter school in the Toledo, Ohio area.

Are you that person? Check the listings to see if an opening fits your skill set and talents.

How to Apply

You can apply online by clicking the “Apply Online” button in the Job description. Simply state that you are applying for the position in the message and attach your resume in the file upload field in one of the following formats: PDF, DOCX, DOC, TXT.

Available Job Openings

  • Teacher Aide – Kindergarten

    Duties and Responsibilities
    Teacher Aides provide support for full-time teachers, helping them with clerical work, small group instruction and whole class activities. This can involve providing individual attention to students in need of extra assistance or monitoring students while the teacher is out.
    Instructional Tasks – The Teacher Aide teaches academic skills to small groups of students that have been divided by ability. This involves creating daily activities on specific topics that have been decided by the teacher. The aide is also responsible for communicating with the teacher about student progress and behavior.
    Assess Students – The Teacher Aide will work with the teacher to assess students’ progress, strengths, and weaknesses. While the Teacher typically designs the assessments, the Teacher Aide may administer them. They usually grade the assessments as well and document all grades and student progress accurately.
    Prepare Instructional Materials – In order to support the Teacher, the Teacher Aide will prepare and organize lessons and educational programs under the guidance of the Teacher. They prepare all materials for the lesson, including any handouts, worksheets and tests. They’ll also set up any displays or work areas prior to the lesson. This work often includes operating printers
    and copy machines.
    A candidate seeking this position should have completed an associate’s degree or two years of college at a minimum although a bachelor’s degree in Education is preferred. Consideration will be given to candidates without a degree assuming they can acquire a paraprofessional license through Ohio Department of Education.

    Interested candidates should submit their materials to Superintendent, Joe Cordella at

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  • Dean of Discipline

    The Dean of Students works with the principal and community liaison in carrying out the school’s behavior programs. The Dean of Students understands and responds to the challenges presented by today’s diverse student population. The Dean of Students provides proactive leadership to engage all stakeholders in the delivery of programs and services to support the students’ academic achievement, personal and social development. The Dean of Students works cooperatively with the principal, community liaison, behavioral health providers, nurse, staff, students and parents towards a positive school climate.
    Direct​ ​Accountability:​ Principal

    Essential​ ​Performance​ ​Responsibilities
    Duties of the SunBridge Dean include, but are not limited to the following:
    – Assists in the development, implementation, and evaluation of intervention programs that address the needs of at-risk students.
    -Develops and administers disciplinary procedures in accordance with district policies and state laws; receives referrals and confers with students, parents, teachers, community agencies, and law enforcement; responds to and resolves parent, student, and staff.
    -Participates as needed in RTI meetings and parent meetings when behavior is the concern.
    -Completes scheduled walk-throughs of all classrooms and additional support for specified teachers.
    -Serves a mentor for students while providing opportunities for reflection via think sheets and conflict resolution coaching.
    -Tracks discipline data using the SWIS Suite web-based data and reporting system
    -Serve as a resource for staff to implement behavior interventions.
    -Assist in developing programs to promote positive students behavior as well as intervention strategies (PBIS).
    -Assist staff and parents in developing and understanding student behavioral expectations.
    -Enforce school behavioral expectations with assigning appropriate consequences for behavior including detention, in school suspension and out of school suspension.
    -Regularly hold school morale rallies to inspire school spirit.
    – Performs other duties as assigned.
    Required​ ​Knowledge,​ ​Skills​ ​and​ ​Abilities
    -Demonstrated ability to manage conflict through quality decision-making and effective problem solving.
    -Establishes and maintains productive, collaborative relationships with others.
    -Relates to students with mutual respect while carrying out a positive and effective disciplinary program.
    -Models district standards of ethics, confidentiality, and professionalism.

    -Meets schedules and deadlines.
    -Analyzes and interprets behavior data for the purpose of designing and modifying discipline procedures and interventions.
    -Follows through with directives.
    -Maintain CPI certification and complete any required paperwork.
    Desirable​ ​Qualifications:
    -Energetic and positive approach to responsibilities.
    -Drive to attain results; proven experience and effectiveness in improving student achievement in classroom and/or school.
    -Has a positive attitude; demonstrates compassion.
    -Self-motivated; able to accept criticism and grow as a result.
    -Strong communication and organizational skills.
    Interested candidates should submit their materials to Superintendent, Joe Cordella at

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  • 1:1 School Aide

    Reports​ ​to:​ ​Building Principal and Director of Special Education. Takes daily direction from designated teacher(s)

    Education​ ​and​ ​Experience
    • Ohio Educational Aide Permit required
    Knowledge,​ ​Skills​ ​&​ ​Abilities
    · Strong writing, grammar, reading, and basic math skills
    · Ability to assist with academic work ranging from kindergarten to 6th grade level
    · Proficient technology skills
    · Adheres to strict confidentiality standards
    · Ability to lift 80 pounds to assist students with mobility, toilet, etc.
    · Ability to work cooperatively and respectfully with staff, students, parents and the public
    · Good organizational skills
    · Demonstrates reliability, timeliness and good attendance.
    Essential​ ​Functions
    · Under the guidance and direction of special education and classroom teachers, support the implementation of the instructional program. Adapt curriculum and instructional techniques specific to the needs of individual students. Understand and assist in implementing the students’
    Individual Education Plans.
    · Collect student data to assist teachers in monitoring student progress. Maintain accurate and complete records as required by law, district procedures and teacher or administrative request. Complete and submit reports on time.
    · Support a classroom climate that is conducive to learning. Assist with behavioral interventions and help maintain discipline.
    · Perform duties necessary to support students who need assistance with daily life/health related activities as assigned by the teacher(s). This may include assisting with the elimination process, diapering, navigation, health related assistance, and lifting students with and/or without assistance. The need for assistance of another person or a lifting mechanism will be determined
    in consultation with the aide. Instruction and training on such duties will be provided for classroom aides.
    · Supervise students in classrooms, corridors, restrooms, cafeterias, bus loops, and other designated areas.
    · Maintain clear and complete communication with the teachers of record. Follow plans as outlined by educational teams. Communicate with teacher in advance to get approval to alter the implementation of the plan.
    · Assist teachers with the preparation and duplication of instructional materials.
    · Comply with the Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act by maintaining strict confidentiality of information about all students.

    · Work collaboratively with colleagues. Participate as requested in team or department meetings, IEP meetings, staff meetings, professional development, and/or other committees as appropriate or assigned.
    · Maintain professional responsibility for keeping aware and informed of job related information by accessing the employee’s district-provided mail box, email, and/or voice mail daily.
    · Perform other related duties as assigned.
    Working​ ​Conditions
    • Possible contact with unruly students
    • Possible occasional exposure to blood, bodily fluids, tissue
    Interested candidates should submit their materials to Superintendent, Joe Cordella at

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  • K-6 Teacher/Staff General

    We are always accepting resumes from candidates.

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